Create an Attractive Brand that Builds your Business Faster and Easier without the Headache.


Learn the EXACT Step-by-Step Branding System that attracts your dream customers and launches your business to the top of your industry.


By the conclusion of this course, you’ll have…

Brand Clarity

When you’re clear on who you are, you also know who you’re not. (Stop bumping your head and get clear!)

Brand Identity

You’ll know who you are as a brand, and how to position your brand in your crowded industry.

Brand Equity

Get a Competitive Edge in Your Business. Create a perception that builds trust and relationships that people relate to and increase the overall value of your brand.

Brand Education

Master what makes an addicting Brand. Learn the common misconceptions about what branding really is and isn’t.

Brand Confidence

Design a brand that will stand above the competition and be proud to showcase it to the world.

Brand Authority

Regardless of your budget, your brand can set you apart as the expert and go-to authority in your space.

Brand Consistency

Design an end-to-end strategy to implement on every aspect of your brand, so it becomes recognizable by your dream customers.

Brand Experience

Create unforgettable connections with your audience to make your brand memorable and stand out.

Brand Management

Maintain brand consistency, increase brand equity, and maintain a positive brand status through audits and guidelines.

The Only Step-By-Step Brand Development System Designed For Stand-Out Businesses

Lifetime access to the 7-Second Branding Course includes over 40 video trainings, 300 Page Brand Workbook, 50+ Step By Step Action Exercises, Pre-made Design templates, Live One-on-One Consulting, Group Coaching Calls, and Facebook Group Community.


Easy Video Trainings

Each video training module is packed full of valuable information and step-by-step strategies that will increase the value of your brand and generate greater revenue for your business. By implementing the 7 brand principles revealed in this training, you will learn how to successfully launch a new brand, or refresh your current brand to beat the competition and attract more customers.

$15,500 Value

300 Page Brand Builder Workbook

In addition to the over 40 training videos, you will also receive the 300 page brand builder workbook. The tactical strategies in this workbook are the exact same steps I have executed for dozens of businesses for over 10 years. This proven process has successfully launched new brands, and elevated existing brands to the top of their industry by becoming the preferred choice of the consumer.

$1,500 Value

Live One-on-One Coaching

At multiple times throughout your 7-Second Branding training, you will have the opportunity to connect with me one-on-one through live video consultation calls. On these calls you can ask me any question you have, and I will personally guide you in the right direction, and provide you with any additional resources you need for your specific business.

$2,500 Value

Group Coaching + Facebook Community

You will also get access to weekly Group Q&A sessions as well as Facebook community for accountability and support, and celebrating wins. Both Justin and other members in the Facebook Group will be providing support and accountability to assist you in reaching your desired business goals.

$2,000 Value

2x Your Money Guarantee

My personal guarantee to you is that these strategies when implemented, will make a difference in your business and in your life. I know that when you take action, you’ll get results. So, I will work with you until you at least 2x your investment. This takes the risk from you and places it all on me. I will personally coach you until you 2x your investment.

Results With No Risk

Lifetime Access to All New Content

When you enroll in the 7-Second Branding Course today, you will receive lifetime access to all current video trainings and resources. Plus, since I’m always adding new content, you will be the first to have access to all additional brand development and identity design trainings in the future.




So, What’s Inside?

Course Curriculum


This module covers the course welcome, explains the importance of branding, a few housekeeping rules, required tools, goals, and expectations.


0.1 – Welcome to the Course

0.2 – What You Need to Build Your Brand

0.3 – Goals + Expectations 


This module gives a basic overview of branding. It covers what a brand is, why branding matters, characteristics of strong brands, and other fundamental concepts of branding.

This module aims to familiarize you with the key conceptual foundations of developing and managing a strong brand.


1.1 – Branding 101 

1.2 – Branding’s Role in Your Business  

1.3 – Common Branding Mistakes

1.4 – Characteristics of a Strong Brand


This module introduces the process of crafting a unique brand identity, establishing brand guidelines, and maintaining a cohesive + coherent look and feel to build trust within your audience.


2.1 – Brand Book: What + Why

2.2 – Elements of a Brand Book 


Storytelling is an essential marketing tool for brands looking to create messaging that is memorable, emotionally engaging, and profitable. This module covers the foundational elements of your brand story and how to craft an addicting story that attracts the hearts and minds of your ideal buyer.


3.1 – The Truth About Stories

3.2 – The Importance of Brand Stories 

3.3 – 5 Elements of a Brand Story 

3.4 – Buyer Personas: Drawing Your Hero


This module covers how you position your brand through your words online and offline. Getting this aspect of your branding down is just as important as the logo. Learn how to create an irresistible, hard to ignore brand through your voice (personality) and tone (mood). 


4.1 – Voice + Tone: What/Why it’s Important

4.2 – Crafting your Voice 

4.3 – Crafting your Tone


You can’t pick your favorite color just because… Colors make your customers feel a certain way and should align with your brand personality! Learn how to use and choose brand colors that lock into your customer’s mind in this important module.


5.1 – Why Brand Colors Matter

5.2 – The Psychology Of Brand Colors  

5.3 – Choosing Your Brand Colors 

5.4 – Color Codes + Color Rules


In this module, you’ll learn about what Fonts & Typography convey about your brand. Sometimes even small tweaks to your fonts can make a huge impact on how your brand is perceived.


6.1 – Finding Your Fonts 

6.2 – Types of Fonts  

6.3 – Pairing the Right Fonts  

6.4 – Adding Fonts to Your Computer 


No more moodboards! This module introduces a new kid on the “creative direction” block. Learn the importance of establishing a design direction and how Stylescapes give you a crystal-clear vision of your brand’s entire look, feel, and aesthetic.    


7.1 – Stylescapes vs. Moodboards

7.2 – Getting Started with Stylescapes

7.3 – Creating Your Stylescape


You know a good logo when you see one. You also have probably seen more than a few bad ones too. Learn the important design criteria that make up a good logo, create a perfect logo from scratch, and determine if your logo could use a refresh.


8.1 – Your Logo

8.2 – Types of Logos

8.3 – Finding a Graphic Designer

8.4 – *BONUS* Logo Design Tips


In this module, we’ll learn about the power of images for your brand. When you visit a website, watch an ad, or use social media, images grab your attention first. Make the most of those first few seconds by ensuring your images tell the true story of your brand.


9.1 – Photo + Image Guidelines 

9.2 – Examples Of Image Use Guidelines  

9.3 – Finding Images That Match Your Guidelines


Brand collateral is everything else that you use to convey important information about your brand. In this module we’ll cover how to make sure your digital (website, social media channels, newsletter, etc.) and physical (business cards, brochures, signage, etc.) brand assets stay on strategy, on message, and on-brand. 


10.1 – What Is Brand Collateral?

10.2 – Types Of Collateral (Physical + Digital)

10.3 – Designing Mockups  


This is the fun part! In this final module, you’ll bring everything you created together to develop a completely cohesive brand identity wrapped inside of your very own brand book. This invaluable document will help you carry a consistent, cohesive brand across all channels that will guide every partner in your company.


11.1 – Putting All The Pieces Together

11.2 – Wrap-up

11.3 – Do Me a Favor

Did you know you only have:

3 seconds to snatch your audience’s attention, and
4 seconds for them to decide if they like you or not?

7 seconds

This is the time you have to either get noticed, or get ghosted.


(and stay memorable)

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re spending days, weeks, and months searching Google and YouTube on ‘How to Build a strong Brand’ with no real results.
  • You’re lost on how to communicate your message to your audience so they buy from you and not your competitor.
  • You can’t confidently answer the question “What makes you different?”
  • Most of your business comes through referrals (Thank God!).
  • You know branding is important, but you just can’t seem to get it…
  • You’re embarrassed to send people to your website (because it doesn’t reflect you anymore).
  • Your industry is crowded, and you want to get noticed…but you’re not sure how.

Just think…

If you were able to convey the most important things about your brand in those precious 7 seconds…you’ve instantly earned trust. When you do that, the world opens up. Soon you can…

  • Sell out of your offers, products, services
  • Become an influencer in your space, and make a bigger impact in your field
  • Get paid to share your knowledge (podcasts and speaking gigs start piling up)
  • Gain some mental real estate to expand on your other ideas, create new products and develop more offerings
  • Stop reacting to all the fires around you and start being proactive in your business, and your life
  • Move the financial needle in your business so you can be more free with your time

I believe you deserve that!

Don’t you think it’s time for your brand to GET THE RECOGNITION it deserves?


Press play to see the success stories.


Film Director


Personal Trainer


Educational Consultant


Agency Owner






Media Specialist


Creative Directress


Marquee Creative Labs

Hold Up! Before I get too carried away, let me introduce myself…

I’m Justin

  • A Brand Architect.
  • A Husband.
  • A Father.
  • A Learner.
  • And your Brand’s ENHANCER.

I help entrepreneurs enhance their 6 and 7-figure companies using branding and digital marketing strategies.

I’ve learned something extremely valuable in my 10 years in the biz…in fact, if I had learned it sooner, I could’ve saved myself $198,000 in student loans and 8 years of my life. 

But they didn’t teach me this in school. Ugh. My pain is your gain.

You see…I learned by branding several multi-million dollar businesses, how powerful branding is when it’s done correctly. (And like everyone else, I’ve made some mistakes along the way too, but those have only helped me grow.) 

But through perseverance, and a relentless pursuit to get it right, I’ve helped build brands that pass the 7-Second test. Within those first initial seconds, they grab (and keep) your attention. They are designed for long-term success, to stand out in their crowded marketplaces. And best of all? Almost immediately, you know, like and trust them.

Brands I Have Worked With:

What They’re Saying About Justin

“Fellow entrepreneurs, if you are looking to start a business and you need someone to assist in your branding, I highly recommend Justin, you won’t be sorry!!”

Regina N.

“Justin knows exactly what he's doing!...Our brand has seen an increase in notoriety throughout the city, but we now have a first-class identity that accurately depicts the impact we're making in youth's lives across Southwest Detroit!”

Victor R.

“I am beyond satisfied with the branding work from Justin and his team! As a new entrepreneur, with a vision of a million miles, Justin and his crew made those miles appear much closer! He captured my vision, just off our communication and conversation. I have truly been impressed as they have created my new found loves!!! I cannot wait to show the world my newborn baby!!! #StandingOvation #ARoundOfApplause”

Annika D.

“Justin is absolutely amazing! He is very knowledgeable, professional, and prompt. He was able to bring our vision to life and elevate it. He taught us things and was very supportive of our business. Justin has a certain type of enthusiasm that makes him so pleasurable to work with too, great personality. The best investment I ever made was working with Justin!”

Denesha Sheree’

This course helps you break through the noise, grab attention and stay unforgettable!


If you have big dreams and want to stand out, be memorable, and be recognized as an the preferred choice, your business has to grab your audience’s attention in 7-seconds, so that you can keep it for not just a thousand seconds more (which is about 17 minutes), or a million seconds (that’s almost 12 days), but a billion+ (which is almost 32 years)! I’d say if you’ve earned 32 years as a top-of-mind-brand…you’re doing it RIGHT! 

In order to STAND OUT, BE BIG, and MEMORABLE for the long haul, you need the ‘it’ factor.

What’s the ‘it’ factor?

If I asked you who are the leaders in your industry…(the ones who might be doing the exact same thing as you)…what would you say? You know who they are, don’t you? They are those few, select, brands that instantly popped into your mind.

They are the ones with the ‘it’ factor. 

You know them, you like them, you trust them. Know-Like-Trust ← (That’s the ‘It’ Factor)

So you keep listening, watching, purchasing, hanging on to what they say next.

Their brand connects with you. They grabbed you in the first 7 seconds you encountered them…and they’ve kept your attention ever since.

But how do they do that? Seriously…how?!

  • It’s not because they have a full-time marketing department (even though they might!)
  • It’s not because they have a 6-figure marketing budget (they might!)
  • And it’s not because they have a recognizable logo, slogan, or jingle (although they might have all of those things, and more!)

It’s because they’ve learned the secret to cutting through all the noise and they’re crystal clear on their Brand’s Identity.

Brands that are IN DEMAND and GET NOTICED could be doing the very same thing you’re doing (and with a smaller budget than you)…but they have people lining up to buy, listen, sign-up, follow, and promote their brands for them. 

Meanwhile, your brand is limping along.

Ouch. Tough love, right? But I do love you. That’s why…

You have two choices…


Continue to brand-crush after those other brands and hope and pray that someday you’ll stumble upon their magic formula and it will work for you…



Stop waiting passively for the future of your brand to change and take the courageous step forward and build a 7-Second Brand that demands attention.

They all started somewhere.  And if they can do it…


Design your own 

The 7-Second Branding Course was designed to help you hook (and hold onto) your ideal client’s attention and impress them enough to be forever remembered. You only have 3 seconds to grab their attention, and 4 more seconds to confirm they have a good first impression of your brand. (For you math wizards out there, that’s ONLY 7 SECONDS!)

This course is jam-packed with information that won’t leave your head spinning, but will empower you to brand the heck out of your business with confidence.

Once inside you’ll learn…

  • The importance of creating a strong brand, and what branding best practices are.
  • How to create a consistent-across-all-channels BRAND BOOK. This digital asset alone would cost you THOUSANDS of dollars from other branding pros…a BRAND BOOK (it will act as your Brand Bible – giving you and your team guidelines to establish brand consistency).
  • How your brand can do the HEAVY-LIFTING for you, and position you as the expert, making you look light years ahead of your competition (even if you’re just starting out).

The 7-Second Branding Course gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Isn’t it time you had the ‘IT FACTOR?’

You can have it with this course.

Click "ENROLL NOW" To Join the 7-Second Branding Course.

ONLY $1,997

By the Conclusion of this Course, You’ll Have...

  • BRAND IDENTITY – You’ll know who you are as a brand, and how to position your brand in your crowded industry.
  • BRAND CLARITY – When you’re clear on who you are, you also know who you’re not. (Stop bumping your head and get clear!)
  • BRAND CONFIDENCE – You’ll design a brand that you’ll be proud to show the world.
  • BRAND EDUCATION – You’ll understand common misconceptions about what branding really is and isn’t.
  • BRAND EXPERIENCE – You’ll be able to create unforgettable connections with your audience to make your brand memorable and stand out.
  • BRAND AUTHORITY – Regardless of your budget, your brand can set you apart as the expert and go-to authority in your space.
  • BRAND BOOK – A complete document of the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your brand. Every corner of your brand will be documented to maintain consistency. We’ll develop this together!

"There are LOTS of other branding courses out there. How is this one any different?”

That’s true. There are a lot of other branding courses.

However, this one is totally different.

I’m not here to fill your head with a bunch of theoretical info about branding. Instead, I’m drawing on over 10 years of experience of helping brands GET BIG.

I’ll cut through the fluff and give you fresh ideas based on time-tested strategies that WIN.

You won’t hear fancy buzz-words that only branding insiders use. Instead it will be straight forward, easy to understand videos, packed with creative advice, colorful illustrations, and online resources that will help you work smarter and avoid branding pitfalls.

“Don’t you need a professional to do branding? Shouldn’t I wait and hire someone to do this for me...later?”

The answer to this one is tricky.

Yes and no. 

You absolutely can hire someone to do your branding for you (me, for example). But here’s a little secret…it’s not that hard. 

I believe that at the end of this course, you’re going to come away with so much practical knowledge you can ab-so-lute-ly DIY-it or pass off what you’ve learned about your brand to a designer.

You may feel intimidated by it now…but I promise you won’t when we’re through.

And whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in business for years…EVERYONE can benefit from this course.

Even established brands can (and will) benefit from enrolling in the 7-Second Branding Course. 

“While this sounds amazing, I’m busy enough as it is. I don’t have time to sit down and take this course. I’m running my business - ya know?”

Hey- I get it! We’re all busy these days.

But the fact that you’re here, and you’re reading this…means something’s off in your branding, and you know it. (C’mon, you know it don’t you?!)

So the real question is what are you busy doing? Are you busy because your brand is kicking ass and you’re slaying your competition? Or are you busy doing everything because you’re bootstrapping your life?

Chances are you’re in the latter category.

With the 7-Second Brand, you’re gonna start getting traction in your business, so that you can be as busy as you want to be…doing the kind of income-producing activities you enjoy and that elevate your brand.

Here’s another tough love truth bomb…you can’t afford not to invest the time into your brand.

When you get branding right…everything else in your business will start to fall into place.

Everything I know about branding I’ve included in this course.

No BS. No fluff. No pie-in-the-sky stuff. It’s all actionable steps you can do RIGHT NOW to create a hard-to-resist, impossible to ignore, breakthrough-the-noise brand.

I’m certain that when you start applying the system and actions I teach you in the 7-Second Branding, you will see EXCITING results in your business.